The George S. May International Company has been in operation for over 80 years.

They claim to be a Management Consulting Company but are really nothing but a Scam. They offer an inexpensive ($200 to $500) Analysis of your company. This Analysis provides nothing in writing, only a warning your company will go Bankrupt if you don't purchase a Consulting Project that costs a minimum of $5000.00 per day, and will bleed you till you either go under or you run them out of your business. All they offer can be purchased through Quick Books at a fraction of the cost.

These are bad, bad people.

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Waverly, New York, United States #1258647

I agree. Anthony Cavaluzzi is a thief and a liar. He cheats both his employees and clients.

San Francisco, California, United States #629943

I was there in the early 90's. Do anyone remember a SENEX nameed Evan Rhodes. Now he was quite a character. Usually on the phone with five or six survey guys. I hope that they lock this scammer up and throw away the keys. He was definitely NOT LOVED by his crew of survey analyst.

Wis team went up to Calgary for the weekend for some more training. Right after he had one too many beers, we went to town on his mini fridge and literally empty it. I quit a few weeks after that. Evan, if you are reading this note, you were quite a "*** head'. Absolutely no respect from your crew. If you would have treated us with a bit more respect we would be thinking better of you.


I almost went to work for them in late 2003, I did the training and the travel caused me to back out at the last minute. I actually declined the "contract" on the last day of training and went home. Looks like I made the right choice.


My experience with GS May is also that it is a scam to bully you into high consulting fees, glorious promises, and no concrete results. They purposefully breed infighting in the company to try and eliminate a unified front that would logically get rid of them shortly after they walk in the door.

They stay and burden you with their presence until you agree to basically pay ransom to get them to leave. DO NOT LET THEM IN YOUR DOORS!


The one constant in every piece written about the once great and now late George S. May International Company is that it suffered from antiquated overbearing management practices.

As an alum, who was there when these practices were introduced as “new and improved”, I can certainly attest to the veracity of this statement! By definition, this demands that the story be told from the bottom up and not the top down, sorry Ed. How many times did you say to yourself that we should write a book?!? Well, towards that end, I have established an e-mail account, MyGeorgeStories@gmail.com.

Please DO NOT write if your story is about “washing out” of training, the Internet is replete with your story. I am looking for those who “made it” and “know where the bodies are buried”! “The Rest of the Story” as it were, the absurdity and tragedy of it all. Those from the 1980’s, 1990’s, and 2000’s are encouraged to write.

I look forward to hearing from you all to reconnect and collaborate on this effort. Perhaps “sun light” will “disinfect” and potentially resurrect the industry. I am hoping and expecting to hear from: Walter, Paul, Jack, Bruce, Matt, Patrice, Charles, John, Jack, Steve, Coz, Tony, Teresa, Jorge, Tommy, Tom, Max, Beadle, Chuck, Don, Ron, Jan, Bill, Mike, Ray, and the rest of the cast of thousands. In the spirit of fairness, submissions from Brian, Ed, Don, MJ, et al are encouraged as well.

For those that fought the good fight alone, let us write the story together! Pass this along to all.










Yes, I worked for GSM and thought that I had found my "dream job". I was paid very well and compensated for all of my travel. Little did I know that GSM was being directed by Charles Black - the killer of all things good! He is the reason they went under. He guided the analysts to totally rape companies in order to fill his own pockets.

With that being said, there is a company now called Kendall-Kline & Associates and yes, it is being run by (not owned by) Israel Kushnir. He is a very fair and honest man and is extremely good at helping us help clients. Now that I work for K-K and Associates I decided to do a test.

I have a friend that is a business owner - restaurant that does 2.5 million dollars per year. I asked them to please let us do the assessment and give me true feedback. I wanted to know that I am really working for a great and legit company.

They did it and the feedback was this- WOW, WOW, WOW!! They were extremely impressed and K-K found over $100,000 in lost profits right up front. They were never pushed into buying anything else althought they chose to have K-K help them implement a server training program that in only two weeks has increased their bottom line significantly.

So sorry for George May as he rolls in his grave over the mess that Charles Black and his granddaughters made of his efforts.

Hooray for Kendall-Kline!! A company that is here to save the industry!!!


We feel very cheated by the George S. May Company, too.

We hired them in early 2010 to help with organizational improvements when our family-owned business doubled sales and was making tons of money. Within the course of a few weeks they managed to bury us in piles of paper and contracts, cause a major relationship split in the family (ownership), and had many non-family employees refreshing their resumes. By the time they were gone so was most of the cash on hand. We threw them out just in the nick of time to save the company.

We never realized the savings or improvemnet that they promised. I'm very glad to hear that they are no longer able to inflict their brand of "help" on any other company.


I was sucked into the GSM scam as an account executive in 2001. I was in the newly formed “international” division because I spoke 4 languages.

I was sent to Mexico practically every month, then to US cities with large Hispanic populations (Miami, Houston, Orlando).

It was all a scam; 10 years ago I visited 2 companies that were going to disappear at any minute (as per my SENEX) and today, 10 years later, they are still in business. I didn’t know that GSM had gone broke, glad to hear it.


I woked for GSM as a appointment setter.They had treated me and everybody else like cattle.Glad they went under.The X president of GSM is now with Kendall Kline and continues the same shady business dealings as before.Lots of luck!


OK, boys and girls, get out your red Sharpies and white legal pads. I spent 4 months with GSM as an Executive Analyst and it was a very bad experience.

The good... I loved the work and helping the clients. I met some great people, bot colleagues and clients. The bad, The travel was a killer and I was not told the truth about time home.

Every job I sold was turned down by GSM because they could not identify funding from the businesses. (I was told they were pre-qualified) I went into one business where they met me at the door and would not let me in. My SYNNEX said, tough luck, enjoy the city, you're going somewhere in 3 days. The event that sent me home for good was a consulting job where the client had been given 90 days to live (cancer) and I was there on day 61.

My SYNNEX screamed in my ear, repeat these words, "Do you want to fix this before you die?" When I said I thought that was inappropriate, he screamed again and hung up. The next time I flew home. I stayed home.

In 4 months, I lost about $4200 in unpaid expenses. I think their ideas were solid, but greed destroyed the company.


I was hired twice by George S May. First was in March 07.

I was flown to Chicago for their 2 wk training and on the last day when I questioned why I had to increase my car insurance coverage to $750,000.00, I was led into an office and told that they didn't feel that I was a team player. I was sent home. Then in October of 07, I was contacted again. I again questioned the insurance and asked them why if they thought that I was not a team player in March, why did they feel that I was going to be any different in October.

I was apologized to and told that the man who sent me home was fired and they were contacting several people that he had done the same thing too. Well, obviously I didn't check this company out. I thought by going to work for this company, I would learn a lot and have a nice long career with them. I was very wrong.

I traveled six days a week, I was humiliated daily by the SENEX. When my credit card balance was $4000.00 in two months, I quit. This company should be required to reimburse every single employee and customer that they have ripped off. Some of these customers threatened to call the police on me if I did not leave, and if I left the SENEX cussed me out.

The story could go on and on. It has been 4 years and I am still very angry at how this company has got away with these tactics.


Allow me to tell you a story about the early 1990’s in the Survey Department. It was rumored that George (the man) never believed that he could control the actions of more than 100 “suits” … meaning employees in the field.

At some point after his death’ in 1962, George S. May (the company) began an expansion and what emerged was a perversion of his vision. By August of 1991, when I started, John Burgess was at the helm of the Survey Department. Having been sent there by two Harvard Business School professors, I was appalled at the “Churn & Burn” environment that I encountered. Within a few weeks; I was about to quit, when Burgess was abruptly fired. Secrecy reigned supreme for a time. The odd thing was that Burgess was fired for having “Hookers on the Boardroom Table” and not for his abhorrent business practices.

Fletcher then began a campaign to become the only ISO 9000 Certified consulting firm in history. At least that was his story. Many of us took it to mean that our efforts at “doing the right thing” were finally going to be tolerated.

Gradually, things did improve somewhat. Threats of bankruptcy were replaced with intelligent discussions of actual circumstances and required solutions with clients. Project Managers and Staff began to trust some Analysts and were actually “helping” clients. Closing ratios increased and, most importantly, “Billed to Sold” ratios increased dramatically … indicating that clients were satisfied. Employee tenures were increasing along with their abilities. Revenue and profit records were being smashed it was rumored. The management’s “PP” (Percentage of profit that they shared as a bonus pool) was running at 30% of revenue … a very good number indeed. Prices for services were rising every year; it was “good times”. Still, there was plenty of yelling and demeaning being done. These guys could make Drill Sergeants blush.

By 1997, being “the best and making less than the worst” became a problem for the Company. The “worst” (IPA) was making more and accelerating. The Management decided on a, “join them rather than beat them” strategy. Within the year, they had driven off the top 30% or more of their Analyst and Consultant core, the real “competency of the firm”. Clients became angry and the internet’s expansion begin to spread the word. It became a race to the bottom with IPA and John Burgess.

Small “Boutique” consulting firms began to spring up across the nation, they lured this talent pool with higher pay, higher quality work, and more time off.

By 2000, IPA and GSM had literally telemarketed every business between $600,000 and $10,000,000+ in the US with such deceptive tactics and so many times that they were rapidly burning the market. That is to say nothing of the thousands that they actually swindled out of millions. The ironic thing was that most of the boutique business became former GSM employees from the early-mid 1990’s fixing the horrendous work of IPA and GSM employees from the late 1990’s and 2000’s!

By 2004 IPA and GSM had convinced the marketplace that Management Consultant meant “Business Molester”. Boutiques had increasing difficulties finding clients because of this “queering” of the market. IPA has “rebranded” every 3 months or so for the last two years because of their well deserved reputation. Even GSM tried “rebranding” recently, but to no avail. These two companies have literally ruined an industry that is key to helping small businesses grow and prosper in an economy that is depending on small business to pull it out of an historic recession of epic proportions. Thank you John Burgess, nice job.


As one of the many who quit I would love to hear from all the GSM employees who loved the company and felt we were such fools to leave the great opportunity. I hope you are paid what you were owed, but I bet you won't be.


May is now out of business.

I was one of the highest performing executives in the 90s but left after

Israel Kushnir became President and I publicly confronted him about his going off the manual to squeeze profits and undermine service and kill the brand.

Only real surprise is that it lasted this long. As President Kushnir manipulated accounts and spent May money on wild features including his son's band.

Millions were gone and he was fired about a year ago.

Now beware that Israel Kushnir has started a new firm, Kendall-Kline & Associates.

, Kendall-Kline & Associates


GSM is now out of Business!!!!! They hurt their employees and their clients long enough that it caught up with them. Now in receivorship


what does it matter about spelling? is it just to cover the truth?

GSM is a company that takes millions of dollars from unlucky companies that get took in by them and I would venture to guess with some words spelled wrong. and i have heard from different individuals about mr cavaluzzi and his antics and he would not be welcome anywhere near my company or my investments.


Good to see that this company is finally getting the real truth told about them. The truly are untruthful and only in it for themselves.

And as far as Mr. Cavaluzzi goes, he is a complete ***. Offered me dinner and activites, and told me I looked good in my dress. Totally out of line and I was *** enought to fall for the words and lost money as well.

Mr. Cavaluzzi represents the company of fraud and cheating and it is obvious to me now that he is almost worse them the company.

Never let him through your doors or the company. :(


I too have been scammed big time by GSM. Anthony Cavaluzzi was our bold face liar and I would love to tell him what I think of him outside of my company.

He did nothing but sell me lies and a considerable amount of time and money later I was done. I kicked them out the door. And by the way, Mr. Cavaluzzi was a charmer and even suggested dinner and activites to help the process along.

GSM is *** and so is the staff that work for them. BE AWARE AND STAY AWAY.


after reading and looking at some of the miss spelled words i really have to say somthing to most of these posters "if you want yes men (people) you should not work for the May Company this is a difficult job and you do need some moxey

However you must also have a desire to help small buisness we don't always like what we hear and sometimes the truth is hard to hear but helpful

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