My husband closed one of the biggest cases of 2010 for George S May as a new analyst. At the last moment, they sent in a "more experienced" analyst who took his commission with the help of his supervisor.

This was his first sale. They told him to chalk it up to experience. He is the only analyst out of his entire training class that is still with them three months later, and they treat him like this. This company hasn't even covered all of his travel expenses.

They are a total rip off. Persons looking for employment would do better with a sign on an off ramp.

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I am so sorry to see that this company went out of business after so many years. There were so many committed people working there and a great place for displaced executives such as myself to regain some self esteem by helping small business.

Customers got top of the line talent.

I had no idea that the company went out of business and its so weird because its on my resume. To all the people who worked so hard there - I am so sorry to hear about this.

to Dave #612182

I worked for them too and I do not believe for one second that you mean anything you wrote down. You must have been in the management of the company as they ALL lied, just as you just did.


all the things I have read hear reflect my own brief yet eye opening experience with george s may. I saw first hand how they treated the marketing staff like animals.

thanksgiving party they wanted everyone to chip in for a nice celebration and then fed us some slop i would not give to a dog. same for christmas celebration. once more I donated my $10 dollars to what they said was to buy gifts for kids and trewated to a dinner of *** on a shigle. turkey slop mixed in with vegetables and served on 2 biscuits.

I had diahrrhea all day after that gourmet meal. then the final straw. Last paychecks of the year were to be issuedout that friday. May company tells the entire staff day befofre pay day that they willl not recieve checks until monday after the first of the year!!

TRULLY they treat people like animals. IM GLAD THEY ARE NO MORE


How much you making now? George S. May shut its doors in February and owes employees.


I read all of these blogs and cannot believe what I am reading. I worked for George S May for a little over a year, I learned the program, I helped my clients and I didn't over promise and under deliver. Management Services are not miracle workers. The problems that clients have did not appear over night and cannot be corrected over night. It is hard work and less than 5% of the Analyst that are hired make it past 90 days.

I was never lied to, I worked for George S May until they closed the doors. It is a shame for the honorable employees who did everything they could do to help the client which is what business consulting is all about.

Was the company mismanaged? Absolutely! Who is to lame? I have no idea


I didn't Steal his commission, he quit before the job completed which per our employment contract stated was a violation and subject to forfeture of monies - oh and I netted a little over $8950 for that one. George S.

May helps businesses that can't help themselves - I ran my own companies and had 24 years of work experience to consult with. It's hard work; 110% travel, and long hours - not for everyone.

to Phillip Petrazio Edison, New Jersey, United States #585541

George May would hire anyone, including Stephen Nanai who plead guilty to two counts of drug trafficking in Danbury, Ct. Outside of his drug empire he had no real verifiable work experience.

Why would anyone want someone like him to offer advise?

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