The training was grueling,but the best business training I have ever experienced. I was dedicated to the client. The issue was not the data, it was the process. The BS call in as if a whole room of people were listening to the conversation.

Some business owners needed help and all the details were laid out ahead of time. It was when the client was successful despite of him or her self. and was happy with there lot in life. I was to tell them they were going out of business. The data didn't support that.

I wouldn't do it and was released. Such is life. I still utilize what I learned during the training process

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Has anyone written an article or book about the company from start to finish? May have changed towards the very end, but seems to me that from 1925 (I think it was) when it started to at least the mid-70s it was a big part of what made America boom economically. To my knowledge no firm has replace them.

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I was a business analyst for about a year, went on about 100 assignments. I learned more from the training and the experience that any other training or experience I've had.

Seemed to me George S May Company did the client a lot of good whether we got the go ahead or not.

Most of us are asleep, the day or two I spent with clients made them wake up and get the help they needed.

But it is a brutal, demanding job.

The Marine Corp of business I was told before being invited for the intensive 1 week of training. Maybe this wasn't made clear to you.


I was Associated with HAM as an Analyst in the Mid 80's. Ed Sielsky was the CHESS at that time, and A Class Act.

I believe Isreal was a SENEX in FS at the time.

We made a Significant Difference in the Business Lives of the Clients I dealt with that a Serious Problem and the wherewithal to pay the $75/ManHour Rate at that time. I did a Number of PTOs, getting the Job off on the "Right Foot".

I worked with some Excellent PMs, and we Did Saveba number of Businesses. I cannot speak to the Mentality after that....but at That Time....we Could and Did make a Difference.

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