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I worked for GSM a number of years back. The only reason I left was my boss claimed to be a graduate of the Navy Academy and an ex SEAL.

As an old Navy Chief stolen valor is a sore point with me. When I brought it to their attention they refused to take action. I left as I will not compromise my values.

I will say my experience was they did a good job of assisting the folks I worked with. In one case a pallet manufacture about to declare chapter 11 became profitable within three months after receiving advice on streamlining their manufacturing process.

No employees were laid off and more were hired later. That by definition is success.

If you got off your butt and worked you made money, many that joined had never worked a commission only job and were not prepared for the work or starve environment.

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Hi. This is Glenn from North Carolina.

I had a similar experience there.

Did you keep a copy of the CD-ROM tbat contained all the project outlines, templates, etc? I am looking for a copy of it.

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