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The more enlightening question is that if this person felt he was providing nothing of value then whose fault is that in reality. The GS May Company had high level consultants who did care about each and every client and if this person was now one of them, then it is obvious that clients would have legitimate complaints isn't it.

Consultants are often called in after the gate is opened and the horses are running out of the corral sort to speak. It is not easy to fix a failing company; failing because of the uninformed operators of these businesses. And then second consulting services in the USA are high and are comparable to other professional fees like attorneys, accountants, etc. GS May had a careful approach to explain their contracts carefully and expected consequences of the work to be done. It was all on the table at the beginning of the process.

Yes is was high pressure and yes it was very expensive and the greater number of consultants working there were not just sitting around and wasting their time like this person evidently was. It is the will of the client that got themselves into these situations of failure in the first place so there is no one to blame but themselves.

But I can guarantee you that the majority of consultants I knew personally when working there were all great men and women who gave it their best to help out some of the most hopeless cases I have ever seen in my 45 years of consulting experience.

So the person who wrote this complaint is the *** artist and unfortunately a client was paying for this loser to try and help them save their company. That was the mistake of GS May not to fire someone like this in the first place but they also trusted their consultants to be ethical and professional maybe a little too much also.

It makes me really angry to hear someone like this blame GS May for being so "bad" when all the time it lies on the shoulders of a loser like this to help someone rather than taking their hard earned money for doing nothing.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Sir, I Concur.

I served as An Analyst in the SW United States in the mid-80's until Personal and Health Issues forced my withdrawal.

I worked in League with Several Project Managers out of HAM, and we were Successful in Saving a Number of Failing Businesses.

Ed Sielsky was the CHESS, and a Class Act.

I cannot say the same of some of his SENEXs. When I opened a Job...it didn't take That Long to "smell out" the Problems..if There, and Formulate a Realistic Solution. I PTO'd a Number of Jobs to the Delight of the Project Managers, and we did the "Hand over" smoothly and Professionally.

They could "hit the ground running"...because it was Laid Out in the Job File.

I didn't get into that "sell them hard" ***...because Jobs would shut down Quick because of that. When I called in a "GO"...Ed Sielsky KNEW that Job was gonna go To or Past Projected Man Hours.....and the Staff wouldn't be hearing a lot of "Analyst said" ***.

I cannot speak to what happened in Later years....but back Then we Truly made a Real Difference to Small-to Medium Businesses.

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