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The training was grueling,but the best business training I have ever experienced. I was dedicated to the client. The issue was not the data, it was the process. The BS call in as if a whole room of people were listening to the conversation. Some business owners needed...
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Has anyone written an article or book about the company from start to finish? May have changed towards the very end, but seems to me that from 1925 (I think it was) when it st...


I was a business analyst for about a year, went on about 100 assignments. I learned more from the training and the experience that any other training or experience I've had.Se...

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George S may is a complete rip off like it's sister company I.P.A (International Profit Associates). I had first hand experience with these yahoos in my company, basically filling in "pre-drafting" manuals and "observing" as they said. Then to hand us this book...
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That may be true. However, some of the owners of IPA had originally worked for GSM and then went on to form IPA. Lipstick on a pig is still a pig.

Get your facts straight

George S May and IPA are two completely different companies with completely different ownership. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. Who ever writes these post...

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