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The May Company who I later found out was the "George S. May Company" scammed us out of thousands of dollars.

First, they contacted me via telephone and asked for an appointment. I agreed as I was interested. Then, a sales person came out and said they would like to do an in depth survey of my company for 350.00 dollars. I was told it was going to cover all of our operations.

The survey person they sent out was nothing more than a high pressure salesman and a spy too! He had my wife in tears telling us we were going to go out of business without the May Company's help. I was promised they would take things slowly but that is not how it went.

The day after I signed the paperwork 3 people showed up and played on their computers for half the day. Then, they told me to increase my prices. A few of them took a few smoke breaks, and then the next day they handed me an invoice for 12 thousand dollars!

I kicked them out straight away, and now they are filing a lawsuit against me. Avoid these scammers at all costs!

Monetary Loss: $12.

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You know this company went out of business over two years ago


Yes, I ended up paying $15k myself :( I should have listened to my wife. It is not worth it... those information arent worth that much.


I interviewed with these idiots about 12 years ago. Interview was conducted in a motel near philadelphia airport.

My suspicions were aroused when I found out payment by wire transfer was required eveery week. (You can't get that back - ever).

What they offered me was a joke after I factored in my travel time and time I had to put in at the client. Worse than being a Kirby vacuum salesman.


The one constant in every piece written about the once great and now late George S. May International Company is that it suffered from antiquated overbearing management practices.

As an alum, who was there when these practices were introduced as “new and improved”, I can certainly attest to the veracity of this statement! By definition, this demands that the story be told from the bottom up and not the top down, sorry Ed. How many times did you say to yourself that we should write a book?!? Well, towards that end, I have established an e-mail account,

Please DO NOT write if your story is about “washing out” of training, the Internet is replete with your story. I am looking for those who “made it” and “know where the bodies are buried”! “The Rest of the Story” as it were, the absurdity and tragedy of it all. Those from the 1980’s, 1990’s, and 2000’s are encouraged to write.

I look forward to hearing from you all to reconnect and collaborate on this effort. Perhaps “sun light” will “disinfect” and potentially resurrect the industry. I am hoping and expecting to hear from: Walter, Paul, Jack, Bruce, Matt, Patrice, Charles, John, Jack, Steve, Coz, Tony, Teresa, Jorge, Tommy, Tom, Max, Beadle, Chuck, Don, Ron, Jan, Bill, Mike, Ray, and the rest of the cast of thousands. In the spirit of fairness, submissions from Brian, Ed, Don, MJ, et al are encouraged as well.

For those that fought the good fight alone, let us write the story together! Pass this along to all.

to Apple Valley, Minnesota, United States #669274

Good luck finding those stories from people who worked for that outfit.

I was recently divorced when they called me looking for chumps to sell their service, for nothing. Got through the training alright. It was getting paid for my first sale that failed.

My "job" was to get them the signed "Go Ahead" which I got by Friday of week 1 (late March of 2006). They owed me $900, but I never saw it.

My client, By The Yard, got on-line that night, obviously, and hearing the horror stories, cancelled the deal on the phone. I should have seen the warning sign flashing when the very first place me and my "coach" walked into, unawares, on day one, we were thrown out of on our ears after mentioning George S. May.

I'm sure By The Yard got sued. Sure wish I'd SUED George S.May!! They didn't fool me twice, though, no way. I got one week of training and they got one week from me.


If you want to work for a reputable company, stay away from May Company. They do not reimburse all expenses.

What they do reimburse, they report on your W-2 so you get to pay taxes on your partial expense reimbursement.

They yell at all their employees. Stay away!


I was another one of the unlucky suckers who was told I only had to pay $250.00 per day for a consulting team to come in and evaluate my company and they guaranteed that if I followed their advice, I would make a larger profit on my company than I could otherwise. Three days later I read the fine print on the contract and it said I had to pay, $250.00 per person per day plus expenses including transportation!

I had to use one of those credit cards with high interest to pay the $11,000.00 and I am still paying that card off and it has been 4 years! Shame on me for not reading that contract carefully and having my lawyer or CPA take a look at it first. It is written so that you don't notice the lies but after reading it 3 or 4 times it did indeed "imply" the charges would occur. Shame on them for not being forthcoming verbally and for not upholding the integrity of small businesses in America.

They are what makes people like the "Occupy Wall Street" group so angry and ruin the reputation of small and large businesses who do the right thing and pay high taxes and give to charity and do right by their employees! DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY - CURIOUS!


Yes I used the George C May company what a joke. They see how much they can scam off of you once they see your books.

$100,000.00 yes I was more than ripped off. My business has never been the same.

Do your self a favor find a good accountant who you can trust they can help more than these jokers. Do not I say Do not use these scammers!


The story sounds really familiar. My story is worse.

I sold a successful business to two managers that worked for me for 20 years. The george s may pimp talked them into a free analysis.

George s may took away over $50,000, about half of the equity that the partners had in the business. I ended up with the business back after coming out of retirement and I,m still working.


My latest article, Requiem for the May Company, has been published on Blogcritics. I think it is fair, given all of the negative stuff on the Internet about GSMIC.

Please share it with other Ridge “graduates” and add your comment. I will appreciate it.



Everything about this company is a just a big empty promise. First step: appointment made buy telemarketers working in a high pressure environment scared to death they will lose there job at any moment.

Second step full commission sales people making up to 1500$ for a 350$ sale... Then the real problem starts the survey analyst which means find out what they have in there bank account and that's what we will chare them.

Then the consulting team comes in and does basically nothing so the customer is locked into a contract for the lawyers waiting in the wings ready to pounce. Cool thing is they ae currently closing the company cause the CFO cooked the serves them right.


Don't worry too much about that lawsuit. They refused to pay their employees and ended up closing the business shortly after you posted this.


Do they actually think they are fooling people by changing their name from George S. May to The May Company?

They have been going down for years and one day every ex employee and every business they railroaded will have their day. Oh what a glorious day that will be.


I was offered a position for this company. I am having second taughts.

I want to work for a reputable company not a company to scam people out of their money.

This company is located in Park Ridge, Illinois. Do you think I should work for this company?

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